In Him We Have Our Being

Before Jesus came, salvation was complicated. Now we know that Jesus is the way. 

Abundant Life!

This is from John Chapter 10. The podcast begins with a warning about following false prophets. Then I talk about abundant living in the present. 

In this sermon I talk about the people who were early converts to Christianity. I describe how Peter told them they could be saved. I compare the earl...View Details

The text is from Luke. Here the women come to the tomb and find it empty. An angel greets the women and the angel reminds them of Jesus' prophesy. In ...View Details

Riding on a Donkey

In this sermon, I compare the Palm Sunday events as described in Matthew and Mark. I spend much of the text here on the procurement of Jesus' mount. 

In this sermon, I tell the story about the resurrection of Lazarus. I preached this on the fifth Sunday of Lent. It is important to see how this event...View Details

Anointed to be King

In this episode, I compare the anointing of King David and the anointing of Jesus. Jesus was not anointed with oil by a powerful prophet. Jesus was an...View Details